FEMAP VB scripting explaination and conversion to NX Simcenter


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May I seek your assistance to explain on the script above, as in what are the script trying to do.


Besides, it will be a big bonus if anyone can help us to convert the script from FEMAP to NXOpen language.


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Re: FEMAP VB scripting explaination and conversion to NX Simcenter

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The scripts are relatively simple, they use FEMAP's face picking function to pick the face of an element.  Within this command, the user is prompted for a single face, and an angle, FEMAP then walks the connected free faces of either a shell mesh or solid mesh, stopping when the face to face angle exceeds the input value.  It first script then lists these faces, together with their areas, and then a final total area.  


The second script expands on this and lists the nodes of each individual face.


I am not familiar with NX Open code, I would advise posting on the Simcenter 3D Forum and see if someone there can provide advice on creating an NX Open equivalent.


If your meshes are in Simcenter 3D/NX CAE, you can export the model as a NASTRAN file, and then use FEMAP and your scripts to extract the same information.