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FEMAP analysis

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Can we do following type of analysis inside FEMAP? If Yes, in which module?



Scenario: There is cylindrical Part mounted on a Shaft with Interference Fit. (Cylinder is heated and Slid on Shaft which forms a grip when cooled down)

Failure : This cylinder slides off the shaft when the shaft is rotated in excess of 12000 RPM. Due to Inertial or gyroscopic effects

Simulation needed :

  1. How to perform an optimal Interference Fit .  High interference Cylinder Crack and Low Interference the Grip is not sufficient.
  2. Can we determine what is the optimal speed until which this type of interference fit will work ?


            Failure : grinding  wheel comes into contact with the job. This grinding wheel deforms to become convex in shape. This results in inaccuracy grinding of part. (These machine do grinding up to 5 Microns).To overcome this they using in process gauge which measures the job as it gets grinded. This gauge cost ¼ of machine cost.

  1.  Simulation : Can we study how this part will behave which it rotates at high RPMs  ?