FEMAP and include files

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Are there particular rules for using include files to allow compatability with the FEMAP nastran importer?


My model has grids in the main body which refer to coordinate systems in an include file.

FEMAP cannot find the coordinate systems.


Similarly, if there is an SPC in the main body, and the grids which are SPCed are in an include file, I get another error.






Re: FEMAP and include files

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Siemens Phenom

What version of Femap are you using?

Are the grids and spc's actually missing from the model after the import is complete? In other words are you getting bogus messages and the data gets processed in the end, or is the message correct and you actually loose the data on import?


Can you post the error message?


There is no requirement to have all related in the same file.

Re: FEMAP and include files

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Hi fembrackin

I am using FEMAP 11.2.0

I have discovered the problem, but I would like to preserve my include files.

In preferences, if I have "Preserve INCLUDE Statements" selected, then FEMAP gives the following error message if my coordinate systems are in the include file when I read the model into FEMAP.


Import Model
Opening File D:\IBDM\LEMA Super-Element Delivery\CB_model_delivery\DMIG Check\with_error.dat...
Storing INCLUDE Command as Bulk Data End Text: INCLUDE 'INCLUDE.DAT'
Overwriting existing Element 3000001. Check your model or translate again and select renumbering of duplicates.
0 Coordinate System(s) Translated.
2 Node(s) Translated.
0 Property(s) Translated.
0 Material(s) Translated.
1 Element(s) Translated.
0 Load Set(s) Translated.
0 Constraint Set(s) Translated.
0 Connector(s) Translated.
0 Connection Property(s) Translated.
Beginning Update of Database...
Database Update Completed. No Errors.
Errors have Occurred. Check Message Window.



The model does not display correctly.


A test model file demonstrating the problem is

GRID    101     200000  0.      0.      0.                                      
GRID    102     500000  0.      0.      0.                                      
PLOTEL	3000001 102     101 

include 'include.dat'


and the include file "include.dat" is


CORD2R  200000  100000  .323    0.      0.      1.      0.      0.              
        .323    0.      1.                                                      
CORD2R  500000  100001  -.48692 0.      0.      -.48692 0.      1.              
        .51308  0.      0.                                                      
CORD2R  100000  0       -.25    0.      0.      -.25    1.      0.              
        1.      0.      0.                                                      
CORD2R  100001  100000  .25     0.      0.      .25     0.      -1.             
        1.25    0.      0.  


If you analyse the model, the output deck is correct, but is doesn't display correctly in FEMAP. I would like the structure of my analysis deck with it's include file structure to be maintained, whilst viewing the model correctly in FEMAP.



Re: FEMAP and include files

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

The "preserve include file" is actually working as designed.

The logic behind the "preserve include file" option is designed to "set aside" data that is not supported by Femap(like DMIG) or "set aside" data that you want to exclude from the current modfem(external SE). When you have this option active, the include statement itself is stored in the applicable section of the analysis set as "start text" or "end text". The actual contents are not imported into Femap.

I realize this what not what you had expected, but there are not any additional options available to control this behavior. If you need the data in the include file to be part of the Femap modfem and displayed, then you need to have this option turned off.