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FEMAP and relative include files



I have structured my model with include files, which I read into FEMAP with the "preserve include statements" ticked under preferences. In addition, in preferences, setting "Direct Output to": is set to "1..Model File Directory".

Now I have used relative include statements i.e. include "../'../model.dat", which are written relative to the directory in which the FEMAP model file is, but the files are not found in the analysis. They need to be written relative to one directory higher.

If I write the relative include statments so that an analysis output from FEMAP works i.e. they are written as if the model directory is one level higher, I then cannot modify any case control and submit my analysis directly since NX Nastran then doesn't find the include files, since they are in the incorrect directory.


It appears the current directory is incorrectly set when the analysis is submitted from FEMAP (Both 11.2 and 11.3)

Here is extract from the log file

Command Line: D:\IBDM\03_Assembled_IBDM\01-02\04_Dynamic Analyses\IBDM_01-02_stowed_powered_lemas_freq-response_11-3-000.dat bat=no out=D:\IBDM\03_Assembled_IBDM\01-02\04_Dynamic Analyses\ scr=yes
Current Dir: D:\IBDM\03_Assembled_IBDM\01-02

As you can see, the current directory should be "D:\IBDM\03_Assembled_IBDM\01-02\04_Dynamic Analyses\", not "D:\IBDM\03_Assembled_IBDM\01-02\"



However when I submit the analysis directly to Nx NAstran via the cmd line, the log file contains

Command Line: D:\IBDM\03_Assembled_IBDM\01-02\04_Dynamic Analyses\IBDM_01-02_stowed_powered_lemas_freq-response-000.dat news=no scr=yes
Current Dir: D:\IBDM\03_Assembled_IBDM\01-02\04_Dynamic Analyses

This sets the currently directory correctly but then is now a conflict with the relative include statements.



How do I force FEMAP to set the correct directory when it submits the analysis? Any ideas?

Yes, I know I can include the full path in my include files, but I would prefer not to.