FEMAP material orientation problem


Hi everyone, 


I am currently working on my masters thesis and I have the following issue with laminate material orientation in FEMAP v 11.1.2. My model is axially symmetric, it is basically a composite aircraft wheel. It is made from UD tape, so 0° fibres are oriented radially towards the wheel axis, which is also CS's origin. I have issues while trying to orient the material towards the centre: I tried it on a simple circular plate with three plies, and it works perfectly well (Material angle - Coordinate axis - CSys - Basic Cilyndrical - R axis), but not on my model. ( I activated cylindrical CSys).


Any help is well appreciated,

Thanks in advance - Petar



Re: FEMAP material orientation problem

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Hi Petar


I have seen this happen before on composite fairings. Few things you can do to help.


1. Align your element co ordinate systems to the cylindrical cys - do this using Modify > Update elements > Orient Plate Normal/First Edge.


- This will also align the element directions correctly so that post processing is easier as your direction shear is properly setup - ie you don't have to transform the results if done correctly.





Next and probably more importantly you need to change the cys setup - currently you have the Z (Axial component) running in the wrong direction. I setup the above model with the CYS in the same orientation as you had and the material direction would not update correctly - once the axial component is set correctly the material direction aligned properly.




Re: FEMAP material orientation problem


Thanks a lot, this solved my problem !