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FEMAP mesher as a 3D printing preperation tool?




The company I work for recently purchased a 3D printer.

The 3D printer uses STL files for printing. Our main CAD software is CATIA, and the regular CATIA license doesnt have a good tool for STL export (the good STL export tool is an upgrade for the software) and somwtimes the STL files generated by CATIA causes errors in the 3D printer. Since FEMAP can export an STL file with the mesh and since I have excelent control on the mesh quality in FEMAP (much much more than I have in CATIA or SolidWorks) I was thinking about using FEMAP as the STL handling software for the 3D printer (instead of purchasing a new software for this or upgrading the CATIA license).

Did anyone ever tried using FEMAP as a preprocessor for a 3D printer?



Re: FEMAP mesher as a 3D printing preperation tool?

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Siemens Phenom

I once saw a part 3-D printed from a VRML file with the color stress contours on it, so yes it's being done, 3-D printed part looked awesome.