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FEMAP v11.2 Critical Error

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We have identified a critical error in FEMAP v11.2 that users should be aware of, the details and workaround can be found in the Software FIeld Bulletin (SFB) below.  I encourage all FEMAP and FEMAP w/NX Nastran users to sign up for automatic deliver of SFBs, details on doing so at the end of this post.


[ Siemens PLM Software ]  S O F T W A R E  F I E L D  B U L L E T I N 


Issue Date: May 7, 2015

Submitted By: Mark Sherman

Responsible Group: FEMAP

GTAC 800 # Options(s): 2,5 

SUBJECT:  FEMAP v11.2 Critical Error - Converting existing models

Affected Software: v11.2


We have discovered a problem in FEMAP version 11.2 that users should be aware of. When opening models or when importing FEMAP Neutral files from previous versions of FEMAP, CBUSH elements whose property table references a coordinate system will not be migrated correctly. The problem occurs when any Neutral File is imported, including the automatic conversion that happens when opening model files from previous versions of FEMAP.  


FEMAP v11.2 added optional element based coordinate system references for CBUSH elements. When a Neutral File is read, the elements get flagged with this new option, but the coordinate system reference is still in the property table and does not get moved to the element definition. CBUSH elements with an orientation specified using an orientation node or vector are not affected.  


The API attached to this post will correct the neutral file conversion error and restore your model to its correct state. 


IMPORTANT – There is one special case where this API will not correct all problems. This special case affects migration of models from previous FEMAP versions, import of Neutral files, and also affects import of Nastran input files into FEMAP.  This special case occurs if the model being migrated or imported had CBUSH elements that meet all of the following criteria:

      a) The element connects non-coincident nodes, and    

      b) The element has axial stiffness only, and    

      c) No orientation is specified for the element, and    

      d) The element did not reference a coordinate system. 


The element x axis of these elements that have no orientation specified defaults to the vector from node 1 to node 2 in NX Nastran.  FEMAP version 11.2 will assign the global coordinate system to these elements, which will not be correct unless the direction from node 1 to node 2 happens to be the global x direction. You will have to update these elements manually and assign a valid orientation. 


This problem will be permanently corrected in FEMAP V11.2.1. FEMAP V11.2.1 will be a maintenance release containing several fixes and enhancements. FEMAP V11.2.1 will also include the upcoming NX Nastran V10.2 release to keep our FEMAP with/NX Nastran customers up to date.  V11.2.1 is currently scheduled for online availability on or around June 1st, 2015. A separate SFB will be issued when it is available for download. The API referenced is attached to this post.


To sign up for automatic notification of SFB's like this, please go to -


Press the  and subscribe to all Siemens PLM Software SFB's.  Once subscribed, you can decide which SPLM product you want automated SFB distribution, for automatic notification of issues like this, choose FEMAP.  Users of FEMAP w/NX Nastran should also sign up for NX Nastran SFB's as well.