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Hi all,


I would like to ask if somebody knows a fast method to create surfaces by loading node id's from excel. At the moment I use the code below, it works fine but its very slow when I want to put in a lot of surfaces. For nodes I use the putAllArray method which is really fast, I wonder if something similar is possible for surfaces?


Thanks for any help. 





Sub Create_surfaces()

'Connect to femap
Dim femap As Object
Set femap = GetObject(, "femap.model")
Dim Node As Object
Set Node = femap.feNode

'Dim general items
Dim iRow As Integer
Dim start_row As Integer
Dim start_column As Integer
Dim Num_surf As Integer
Dim Number_Input As Integer

Dim RC1
Dim p1 As Double
Dim p2 As Double
Dim p3 As Double
Dim p4 As Double

'Set the start of the input
start_row = Range("S2")
start_column = Range("S3")
Num_surf = Range("S4")
Number_Input = Range("S5")

'Dim coordinate sets for each node
Dim c1, c2, c3, c4
ReDim c1(1 To 3) As Double
ReDim c2(1 To 3) As Double
ReDim c3(1 To 3) As Double
ReDim c4(1 To 3) As Double

'Fill the coordinate sets for each node

For j = 0 To Number_Input

iRow = start_row
    For i = 1 To Num_surf
    p1 = Cells(iRow, start_column + 3)
    p2 = Cells(iRow, start_column + 4)
    p3 = Cells(iRow, start_column + 5)
    p4 = Cells(iRow, start_column + 6)

    Node.Get (p1)
    c1(1) = Node.x
    c1(2) = Node.y
    c1(3) = Node.z

    Node.Get (p2)
    c2(1) = Node.x
    c2(2) = Node.y
    c2(3) = Node.z

    Node.Get (p3)
    c3(1) = Node.x
    c3(2) = Node.y
    c3(3) = Node.z

    Node.Get (p4)
    c4(1) = Node.x
    c4(2) = Node.y
    c4(3) = Node.z

    'Put the surface in femap
    RC1 = femap.feSurfaceCorners(True, c1, c2, c3, c4)
    iRow = iRow + 1
    Next i
start_column = start_column + 12
Next j

femap.feViewRegenerate (0)

End Sub

Re: Fast surface creation - Femap API

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

There really isn't a better way for now... however we have already added an feSurfaceCornersMultiple( ) API method that will be included in the next release. It will allow you to specify any number of surfaces to create in one API call. 

Re: Fast surface creation - Femap API


Alright, just have to wait for the new release then.


Thanks for the reply.