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Feature Suggestion: Ability assign 'Automatic Add' to group while in dialogue box

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

First off, I hope that some of the developers see this thread so that I can express my appreciation for all of the hard work they have put into the recent versions of Femap.


Femap 11.3 is becoming a joy to use.  The little things like zoom about cursor, rotate about cursor, pick front + box selecting are making my days so much more productive.  The little red plus symbol that tells me which group is being automatic added to is great!!  It's also what reminded me of the topic of this thread.


This is a very small suggestion that I think a lot a folks would appreciate.  How many times do I forget to change the group that I am automatic adding to 'before' I am 3 clicks into a mesh operation?  Enough times to know I will never learn. 


If one was able to right click on a group and turn automatic add on while mid command it would be a really nice touch. 


It's just another one of those little things like those mentioned already that really add up.


OR, what if you could add the results of 'the last operation' to a group ... like an 'I forgot to turn auto add on' option ... that would probably too much though.  Every command that has the potential to create new objects would need to automatically turn on new entity tracking, log new entities, etc.


Thanks for reading and again for all of the great work!