Femap 12 questions


Got a chance to try out Femap v12 earlier today. Noticed a few changes in routine operations which were different from earlier Femap versions.


Firstly, does Femap 12 do geometrical operations like splitting a surface differently from earlier versions? I see a green colored surface being generated after splitting even though the earlier surface was of a different color (from CAD). Believe, in Femap 11.4, the colors were retained. Not a big deal about the colors but just had to make sure it was not a bug.


A couple of screens to illustrate.



The files were imported as STEP in to Femap & were generated in Catia V5. In the first pic, many green colored surfaces were created after performing geometry split operations. 



Re: Femap 12 questions

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

There are a lot of underlying changes in surface splitting.  The difference in color change is a bug, in FEMAP v11.4.2 and previous, split curves and surfaces would inherit the color and layer from the original entities.  This has been returned to the previous functionality for first maintenance release of FEMAP v12.