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Femap API: How to create contour plots




Im new at Femap API so sorry for for stupid questions. 

Since last week Im strugelling to plot contour (for example stress) for all elements results in model by script. 


Can someone share some exemple how to do this?

I think I dont fully understand what functions should I use... Simple example would be great...


Thank you!!!


Re: Femap API: How to create contour plots


Hi Grzes,


If I understand what you are wanting to do correctly, I believe you want to take a look at the "View" object (see section 5.61 of the Femap API Reference).  The view object will allow you to change what is displayed in the graphics window.  The follow is a simple example of how you can turn on the contour plot for vonMises Stresses in the current view.

Option Explicit

Sub Main

	Const outVecID As Long = 7033 'plate top vonMises Stress
	Const outSetID As Long = 1 'Data of output set to display

    Dim fApp As femap.model
    Set fApp = feFemap()

    Dim fview As femap.View
    Set fview = fApp.feView

	Dim viewID As Long
    fApp.feAppGetActiveView viewID 'get the ID of the current view

	fview.Get viewID 'load the current view into the view object
	fview.Group=0 'display all groups
	fview.ContourGroup=0 'display countour data for visible group(s)
	fview.Contour = FCF_CONTOUR 'turn on contour
	fview.OutputSet = outSetID 'select to display data from output set 1
	fview.ContourData = outVecID 'set contour output vector to plate top vonMises stress
	fview.Put viewID 'write the view object data to Femap
	fview.Regenerate 'refresh the display

End Sub

Re: Femap API: How to create contour plots

Thank you Runner!!!!

That is exactly what I was looking for Smiley Happy
You are a lifesaver Smiley Very Happy