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Femap API to import results


Hello everyone.


I have an API to import results into the model. In fact I would like to import many files automaticaly but I'm having some troubles to click on YES when a message window appear and to click on CONTINUE when all results is finished. How can I do this?


The HTML Clipboard

Sub Main
    Dim femap As Object
    Set femap = GetObject(, "femap.model")

Path2 = "D:\API\teste cfast\teste-002.f06" ImportFEM = femap.feFileReadNastranResults(8, Path2) End Sub



Re: Femap API to import results

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

You can supress some of the f06 import messages by enabling Preferences->Results->Hide f06 Warning Dialog. Any additional messages, you can supress by having the API auto-answer the dialog - just be careful in that you need to be aware of what messages may be occuring and that the results may be affected by the messages. To do so, set the DialogAutoSkpMsg property of the application object to a value > 0, where the value = the button number in the dialog.