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Femap Mesh to Geometry Export


I have an orphan mesh consisting of mainly 2D CQUAD elements and a few CBEAM elements. 


I want to create a geometry from mesh which I can export so that it can be read inside a CAD package.


I am aware of the Femap's Surface->From Mesh function. Trouble is, its giving me errors. Not sure what to do next. 


01.PNGOrphan Mesh


Create Surface From Mesh
554 Element(s) Selected...
UnAssociated Nodes and Elements
  No geometry associated with 394 Nodes.
  No Geometry associated with 454 Elements.

I see no surfaces created. Please help me resolve this issue. 




Re: Femap Mesh to Geometry Export

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The command "Geometry > Surface > From Mesh" runs OK if you select the mesh by patches, not full. It is best to select elements that will cre­ate a single surface instead of selecting all of the elements in the model. It is also better to select only one half of any “closed boundary” (for example, a cylindrical shape), instead of trying to have it create a surface all at once.

But if command fails is very easy to recreate geometry manually: simply use nodes as keypoints for the geometry, for instance:

  • for the global plate use the extreme four corner nodes and use command GEOMETRY > SURFACE > CORNER. Make sure to have active SMART SNAP.
  • For the holes simply create a line by command GEOMETRY > CURVE-LINE > CONTINUOUS based in nodes and rotate around the center using command GEOMETRY > SURFACE > REVOLVE.
  • Perform the surface intersection between global surface and holes, and delete the extra surfaces.
  • Next issue command GEOMETRY > SOLID> STITCH to sew all geometry in a sheet body.
  • And finally associate mesh to geometry using command MODIFY > ASSOCIATIVITY > AUTOMATIC.

Best regards,

Blas Molero Hidalgo, Ingeniero Industrial, Director
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Re: Femap Mesh to Geometry Export

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Siemens Phenom



Attached is an API I created to help stream line creating surface from mesh.  When the API is run for the first time, it will initilize a face picking dialog with a low tolerance.  For best results, use this tool for surfaces that are not highly curved.  With this API, you can create surfaces from ANY type of element, not just shells.  There are also some geometry extrusion options included to help jump between creation and modificaton.