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Femap Version 12 Preview: Geometry Modeling

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Femap Version 12 What's New: Geometry Modeling


The Femap version 12 release is coming up very soon, so let’s see some of the new geometry creation and manipulation enhancements that we can look forward to.

Let's take a closer look at what's coming as far as geometry modeling updates are concerned.


Geometry modeling enhancements


Geometry stitching and combined curves and surfaces



A new geometry stitching algorithm introduced in version 12 improves the performance and method by which composite surfaces are connected together. This algorithm, which uses multi-body processing controlled by a tolerance, makes it much easier to combine surfaces and composite surfaces, with overlapping edges and gaps, in a single command to create fully connected geometry that is ready to mesh.


Handling of combined curve and surface geometry also extends to Boolean operations, where interfacing geometry is recombined and updated automatically according to the operation undertaken. Combined and boundary curves and surfaces are preserved during solid operations and new combined geometry is created as required to maintain geometry topology.


Surface alignment




Femap version 12 introduces a new surface alignment command that can remedy geometry misalignment that may arise, for example when combining periodic surfaces with data imported from various CAD systems. Aligning geometry prior to meshing minimizes the creation of disruptive short edges and facilitates the generation of a good finite element mesh. The surface alignment command also includes an automatic alignment method which can be applied to all or a number of selected surfaces.




Surface between curves



Geometry enhancements include an enhanced curve-to-curve surface connection option that extends the previous ruled connection method by adding tangent-to-surface and vector aligned options.



Performance improvement


The feature removal capability has been improved to maximize performance, and is now more than 30 times faster.



Watch the video below to see the new geometry modeling enhancements coming in Femap version 12.



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Re: Femap Version 12 Preview: Geometry Modeling


„Align Surface Parameters” function is great! I've always had trouble with misaligned surfaces. It completely resolves this issue.