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Femap Version 12 Preview: Postprocessing Enhancements

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Femap Version 12 What's New: Postprocessing Enhancements


Let’s take a look at some of the postprocessing enhancements we can expect to see in the upcoming version 12 release of Femap.


Postprocessing enhancements


Dynamic criteria



You can interactively adjust criteria limits using a slider bar to create dynamic criteria plots and optionally display criteria labels and/or use the absolute value of the selected output vector to help visualize results output.








Report generator



A dialog controlled report generator is available that enables Femap to interact directly with Microsoft Word to seamlessly create an analysis report of the current model file. You can control the content of the report through tabs in the report generator dialog including:

  • General information such as analyst name, company, organization and description
  • Entities to include such as loads, constraints, output, groups, connections, layouts etc.
  • Images to include with control of image views and formatting



Watch the video below to see the new postprocessing enhancements coming in Femap version 12.



(view in My Videos)


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