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Femap Version 12 Preview: Preprocessing Enhancements

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Femap Version 12 What's New: Preprocessing Enhancements


The Femap version 12 release is coming up very soon, so let’s see some of the new geometry creation and manipulation enhancements that we can look forward to.

Let's take a closer look at the new preprocessing enhancements.


Preprocessing enhancements


Meshing toolbox


The washer and pad meshing improvement tools now extend to solid element (hexa and tetra) as well as planar element models. Also, the washer tool can now modify the mesh around non-circular holes, including cutouts with sharp corners, to create the best possible mesh around any cutout.


Updated copy and move command



Methods to copy or move geometry with associated FE data (or vice versa) are much easier in version 12 and can be executed with just a single command. You can copy, rotate, or reflect geometry with associated mesh with options to also include loads, constraints, connections and regions. Also, you can copy using a pattern, create multiple repetitions, make use of the auto-repeat capability, and there are further controls for entity block and offset numbering options.



Beam centerline finder



You can now automatically determine the centerline of a solid beam structure making it easier to model it using 1D beam elements. While executing this command, the materials can either be based on the original solid attributes or be created anew. Geometry selection options include curves, solids and tubes and the appropriate cross-sections are calculated automatically.


Data mapping enhancements


A criteria-based method of mapping model output onto elements to create a load definition is now available in version 12. A criteria option is also available when defining an output map data surface in the data surface editor.


Discrete value plots




You can also create discrete value color plots based on an element value or range of values including entity ID, materials and properties.








Mesh point editor


In version 12 you have access to a new mesh point editor capability, with which you can specify hard points on the geometry that you want to appear as nodes in any mesh generated subsequently using that geometry. As you create hard points, they will appear in the mesh point editor in a tabular arrangement, and will be evident on the model and identifiable via a new mesh point symbol.


Cohesive entities


In support of the new multi-step nonlinear capabilities in NX Nastran solution sequences 401 and 402, Femap version 12 adds support for cohesive entities including elements, properties and materials, in addition to a new cohesive meshing function that inserts a layer of cohesive elements at a user-defined split location.



Watch the video below to see the new preprocessing enhancements coming in Femap version 12.



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