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Femap Version 12 Preview: Solver Support

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Femap Version 12 What's New: Solver Support


Let’s take a look at some of the solver capabilities that will be supported in the upcoming version 12 release of Femap.


Solver support


Multi-step nonlinear solutions


NX Nastran solution sequences SOL 401 and SOL 402 are now supported in Femap version 12, allowing you to perform multi-step nonlinear analyses using the more flexible subcase-based analysis control of these solutions.



SOL 401 is the multi-step nonlinear solver where subcases can be dependent or independent of the previous subcase, and where you can change analysis type in a subcase. With this approach you can define linear, nonlinear, modal, bolt preload and buckling subcases and create a combined solution in the analysis manager.SOL 402 is the multi-step nonlinear solver with kinematics which has similar workflows and combines the advantages of solution sequences 401 and 601. Both solutions support a wide variety of element and material types.



Design optimization


The design optimization solution sequence, SOL 200, has been updated to enhance ease of use and extend support for NX Nastran capabilities. You can now set up multiple design studies within a single model using the analysis manager. The types of solution supported have been expanded to include frequency response, model transient and steady aeroelasticity, and different solution sequences can be defined for each subcase. In addition, support for design variables, relationships, responses and constraints has been greatly enhanced.


Topology optimization



The SOL 200 solution sequence also includes topology optimization and is supported by Femap version 12. Note however, that the topology optimization capability in NX Nastran is intended to be for preview only in this release. Compatible solution sequences include statics, modes, linear buckling, modal frequency and transient. Also a variety of 2D and 3D element types are supported, and there is support for manufacturing constraints. You can also export the final geometry, based on normalized mass density output, in STL format.



Watch the video below to see the new solver capabilities that will be supported in the upcoming version 12 release of Femap.



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