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Femap Version 12 Preview: Visualization and UI

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Femap Version 12 What's New: Visualization and UI


With the imminent release of Femap version 12, we'll review some of the new features and functions that will be in the new version.


Let's take a closer look at what's coming as far as visualization and UI updates are concerned


Visualization and User Interface


User interface update



The first thing you will notice when you start Femap version 12 is the refreshed appearance of the user interface. The modernized Femap look is evident with new color schemes that provide better viewing on large displays and high-resolution monitors. The panes and dialog boxes have also been updated and standardized to reflect the control and behavior model of the of latest Windows version, enhancing the user experience and providing a cleaner look to the software.




Femap version 12 allows you to interactively move and reposition graphics screen entities such as titles, axes and the contour legend simply by using the mouse. You can select and modify the desired orientation for viewing the model directly from the new view axes cube, by selecting the faces, edges or corners. On the contour legend you can set maxima and minima quantities directly, vary the number of levels displayed and optionally set the levels to be smooth or discrete.


Visualization enhancements



Visualization enhancements include new feature and silhouette lines that outline finite element (FE) model features to aid model viewing. Feature lines display hard edges while silhouette lines highlight curved areas where the model disappears from view. The feature and silhouette lines are mesh-based, and display is controlled by a user modifiable break angle.



Improved graphics performance

Version 12 now offers a new “best possible” graphics preference that examines the available graphics hardware and automatically sets a configuration that yields the best graphics performance.


Watch the video below to see what’s new in visualization and the user interface for Femap version 12.


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