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Femap: Viewing results from one mesh on another mesh (Data Surface > Output Map Data Surface?)

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi all - This might be a strange question, but here goes.


I want to compare stresses from multiple meshes and was hoping there is a way to view them all in the same file.  I was thinking that the Data Surface > Output Map Data Surface might be used but I cann't quite figure out the work flow.


The objective is to view the Von mises stresses from a coarse mesh and the VM stresses from a fine mesh of the same geometry but view them both in the asme file with only one mesh.


Is this possible? 




Re: Femap: Viewing results from one mesh on another mesh (Data Surface > Output Map Data Surface?

Assuming you have first looked at the help for the Output Map Data surface... The main purpose of that Data Surface once created is to make a load from previous Output. Because Von Mises stress is a scalar value, you need to use the Output Data Surface you have created (from the Von Mises stress) in order to create a scalar load on the other mesh. I would recommend temperature as an appropriate / easy scalar load. Once you have created the temperature load on the new mesh, you can use Model -> Output -> From Load to make a result from your temperature load and thus allow you to view the temperature (=Von Mises stress) result / load on your new mesh.

You might be able to have all the different meshes in the same model and in the same place - but in different groups or layers for easy selection - and then run the steps above for each mesh using just the one Data Surface, and then simply switch on/off the mesh you want when you look at the Output from Load result.