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Femap default output coord?



I remember reading in Femap material about how Femap interprets default output coord for elements based on shape. If I am correct, for 2D shape elements, Femap considers the material direction of element as default and for solid elements, the default output coord will be based on global coord. I was searching through Femap command manual & user guide for the above but couldn't find it. 


May be my memory fails me and I could have a misunderstanding  about the above. I would appreciate if some one could confirm the above and also provide relevant chapter, section info in Femap material where I can find the above info if I am not wrong.


Thanks in advance...


Re: Femap default output coord?

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

Default output orientation depends on the solver as well as the element topology. Using NASTRAN as an example, default orientation for quad elements is with respect the "diagonal bisector", whereas tria elements are with respect to the element first edge. Solid elements, on the other hand, are oriented with respect to the material coordinate system (global rectangular by default) for linear static analyses, however are oriented with respect to the element coordinate system for non-linear analyses.


The definitions for output orientation are contained within the Current Output Orientation dialog:




Normally you wouldn't have to change anything unless you're running an analysis that doesn't conform to these settings.


You can use the transformation options in FEMAP to transform the results to whatever orientation is desired for your speicifc analysis.

Re: Femap default output coord?


Thanks sir for your reply.


I think I got confused between linear static & nonlinear elemental orientation. Thanks for pointing it out.