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Femap: slice solid for hex meshing


Hi all,

I'm a newbie using the 45 day trial version trying to give this a workout before deciding what software to invest in.

If anyone knows any tricks to get this geometry sliced up for hex meshing, do tell.




z2one Flanged Gimmick femap scrncptr.PNGscreen shot


Re: Femap: slice solid for hex meshing

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Solution Partner Experimenter

This is probably not the simplest thing to start on during a trial. I would recommend a tet mesh here, unless you absolutely needed the hex accuracy. Another alternative that gains accuracy but removes complexity is axisymmetric modeling. But that's not what you asked, so here's what I did for your geometry:


  1. sliced your geometry to get closer to your picture
  2. discovered the scalloped region is not conducive to direct solid hex meshing
  3. isolated the scalloped region via solid slicing
  4. meshed half the flat face of the scalloped region, then revolved that mesh about 170 degrees
  5. had to project some nodes to the destination surface
  6. used regular hex meshing on the remainder of the sliced solid body, making sure to match the mesh seeding with the scalloped region
  7. merged coincident nodes




You'll notice that this was a mix of Femap commands for manual and automatic hex meshing.  This isn't the complete job, but you can continue with the method to achieve what you're after.  


Best of luck!


Eric Gustafson

Author, Learning Femap

Re: Femap: slice solid for hex meshing


Thanks Gus!

I figured out the simple geometry easy enough so i just invented that wierd geometry to see what it could do.


Thanks again,