Femap trial rotor dynamics

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When I run a case using rotor dnamics I get the error something like "Unable to check out NX Nastran Rotor DYnamics - FEMAP Desktop". When I show licenses I see Femap 9.80, NX Nastran ANalysis 9.8, NX Nastran Nonlinear 9.8, NX Nastran Dynamics 9.8, NX Nastran Optimization 9.8, and Femap 9.8. Is there something that I need to do in order to evaluate a rotor dynamics case. I made a simple model of a six bladed fan, 6 lines of beam elements from a center node, set up a rotor group, selected eigenvalue analysis, turned on complex modes, and submitted.

Could someone send me a simple six bladed fan mounted on a flexible support and show the frequencies varying with rpm (except for support frequencies) and also the stress response to 1/rev forcing on the fan. I"m assuming that if you send the nastran dat file that I can read it into femap to rerun.

Re: Femap trial rotor dynamics

Dear John,
The 45-Day-TRIAL-License includes the full version of Femap with NX Nastran which comprises the base module of NX Nastran with Dynamic Response and Design Optimization. The base module of NX Nastran contains a lot of functionality including NX Nastran nonlinear, thermal and heat transfer, linear and glued contact, as well as sparse and iterative solvers. ROTOR Dynamics is not included in the TRIAL license, I suggest to ask your VAR Reseller for a demostration of the capabilities of the module.
Best regards,