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Femap v11.3 old and new issues



There are old issues in Femap that exist in the Femap v11.3 too. For example see my old posts:




   - Mesh size coordinates don't match with coordinates of the nodes after meshing




  - After Tet Mesh Solid there are sometimes corrupted mesh sizes on curves (in the attached modell always)




  - After splitting Surface with command "Split Between Points" from Point 1 to Point 3, you can see on new Curve 6 mesh size, but in fact there isn't a mesh size:








  - When you use the command "Mesh > Mesh Control > Size on Solid" with Adjacent Surface Meshing, it wont work, when you have connection region(s) on adjacent surfaces.


5. There is a new issue in Femap v11.3


  In all older versions of Femap and Solid Edge (both are Siemens produkts) a used to rotate, zoom and pan the following method:


Middle Mouse Button to Rotating around View Center

Ctrl + Middle Mouse Button to zoom (moving mouse up or down),

Ctrl + Shift + Middle Mouse Button to pan (it worked without Ctrl too).




Now the Ctrl + Shift + Middle Mouse Button doesn't pan, but zoom too (Shift + Middle Mouse Button works well to pan). Therefore in older version of Femap I could work faster.


Will Siemens repair these issues?


Best regards


Peter Kaderasz


Re: Femap v11.3 old and new issues

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom



We will answer your other issues on the individual older posts... however relative to the "new issue" in V11.3... Ctrl+Shift+Middle Mouse behavior not matching previous releases ... V11.3.1 will change Ctrl+Shift+Middle Mouse back to pan ... however I would point out that we really only consider Ctrl+Middle Mouse and Shift+Middle Mouse to be the Pan/Zoom controls. The fact that Ctrl+Shift+Middle Mouse actually Pans or Zooms is simply a side effect of which of the two keys the code currently processes first. I can't guarantee that at some point in the future we won't want Ctrl+Shift+Middle Mouse to actually do something different ... although I have no idea what.