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Free edge issue at 11.4.1


In the older versions of FEMAP I found extremely convenient at big models the immediate free edge view, while deactivating the view element from the toolbar (perfomance graphics must be already deactivated in this case). Unfortunately in the new version, I have to click at the View options -> Free edge and face -> Use view color

Is there any other immediate approach like before or any setting should be changed at the preferences?




Re: Free edge issue at 11.4.1

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In prior versions of FEMAP, the "Free Edge" would still be visible after the visibility of elements was turned off, but if the view was then redrawn via "Window, Redraw", "Window, Regnerate", or any command which caused a full Redraw, the "Free Edges" would disappear.  We viewed this as an anomoly, thus we corrected this behavior in FEMAP 11.4.1. 


As you stated, this is already how it worked when using Peformance Graphics, so now both Performance Graphics and "OGL Graphics" (i.e., Performance Graphics option is disabled) work in the same manner.


If this is a performance issue with rotation of large models, try this:


1.  Select the "File, Preferences" command

2.  Click the "Graphics" tab

3.  In the "Include In Dynamic Analysis" section, enable the "Elements as Free Edge" option

4.  Click "OK"


Now, when the model is rotated, the model will temporarily show only the Free Edges and some additional lines respresenting the "corners" of the "Model Box".  When done rotating, the full model will be displayed again.


I hope this helps.