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From Mesh (STL) to Solid


Good morning

I am trying to created a solid from a mesh (stl) using the comand create solid from elements, which is the only one available. I go Mesh>Geometry>Solid from elements.

I select all

Then click ok

Femap selects all the elements (518328)

Check the elements

12 independent surfaces located. 0 voids.

Loading Tetrahedral Mesher...



and thats it the program stays there without producing any output or freezing, I wonder what is happening and if anyone has an idea of how to create a solid from this mesh. 


The final goal is to export the solid to abaqus to perform fluid and stress analysis. 




Re: From Mesh (STL) to Solid


The Mesh-->Geometry-->Solid from Elements command is for making a solid mesh from planar or 2D elements.  It is not for making a geometric solid from a solid mesh.  I do not believe Femap currently has a direct method for creating solids from a mesh.


You could try using the create surface from mesh feature in the Geometry menu.  From there you could create a solid from the surfaces.