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Geometry Tutorials

Are there any tutorials out there that show how to create complex or 3D geometries using FEMAP only? Most of the tutorials I found involve importing the geometries from another CAD software. I would like some practice creating the geometries using FEMAP only since this a relatively new software for me, but I will be doing some heavy modeling with it the future.

Re: Geometry Tutorials

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Siemens Phenom
You are correct, we really don't have much geometry creation materials. In short, there's 2-D and 3-D wireframe geometry in FEMAP, Lines, Arcs, Circles and Splines, that can be extruded, revolved, and swept and lofted into surfaces. These surfaces can then be extruded or revolved into solids. There are also basic primitives, blocks, cones, cylinders, etc. and full boolean modeling. You can add and subtract them to create just about anything. There some basic surface moving where you can stretch or shrink existing parts and move holes/cutouts around. FEMAP is a simple boolean solid modeler, there is no history tree, there are the undo levels however when one makes mistakes. I am at a company conference this week, and can't make a video the way we usually do, I will ask one of my guys to make a simple video and get it to you. Or, I will make a detailed one next week and get it posted to the demos area of the FEMAP section of the SPLM site. Is there a particular type of geometric shape or part you are trying to make, I could tailor the video to address that.


Re: Geometry Tutorials

Well, please be in mind that FEMAP is not a CAD system (dimensions not supported, not possible to define assembly constraints, etc..), then is more easy to create the geometry externalyy in a CAD system and import in FEMAP where you have plenty of geometry editing tools (take a look to MESHING TOOLBOX), but FEMAP's capacilities of geometry creation are very powerful indeed, specially with surfaces.

If you like take a look to this tutorial, is complete, you can learn how to create midsurfaces to mesh with Shell elements, define contacts node-to-node using CGAP elements, mesh solid parts with CHEXA solid elements, define point-to-point CWELD elements, etc..:

I suggest to contact with your Local Distributor to get an initial FEMAP training classes, this will help you a lot to learn the software fast.

Alternatively. visit my blog at, this is an example of manipulation of complex geometry done in FEMAP:

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