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Graphics card question?




im looking to upgrade the graphics card on my work station. I'm looking to upgrade to a Radeon Pro WX5100. I use this workstation for FEMAP and solid works exclusively. I was all ready to pull the trigger on the Radeo Pro until I read this article.


Does anyone one know if FEMAP now works with the newer Radeon Pro graphics cards and drivers? I would also be interested if any has used one of the new P2000 card from NVidia


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Re: Graphics card question?

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I work in Femap development. AMD and NVIDIA provide cards to us every time they release new hardware and we install them into our development machines and test them with recent drivers. We received a set of the Wx100 (where x is a digit) series cards including the W4100 that is mentioned in the link in your post. We had no issue with this card. We also worked with Eric (the author of the link in your post) with an issue he was having with the W4100. His issue was basically poor performance which we did not see on our W4100 installed in a standard Dell workstation - we even sent Eric a model that worked fine for us and did not work well for him. Eric needed a machine that worked and changed graphics hardware before we could get to the bottom of his issue.


As far as our testing has gone, both AMD and NVIDIA cards work well.


The actual error shown in his article indicates the graphics card is taking too long to process a single graphics command and the Windows OS assumes the card had crashed and reboots it. The default time for this to happen is 2 seconds. We have a preference (called TDR protection) that limits the size of data sent to the graphics card in a single command - setting this to 10,000 to 100,000 will normally avoid any issues on slower cards. The default value is zero - a special value that means all and normally gives the best performance.

Re: Graphics card question?




Thank you for the update. I think I will be purchasing this card from Amazon so I can easily return it if I run into any performance related issues. If anyone is interested I can provide generalities on the performance improvements I observe updating to a newer graphic card.