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Grid point strains




What is the best method for extracting grid point strains in Femap? I've requested corner output for strain in the Nastran run, so the data should be available. In Patran, you have the ability to select a node and plot a vector for the strain directly at that node, which is derived/averaged from the connecting elements (see figure)



The goal is just to extract the peak strain directly at the edge of a feature, such as a hole or fillet. Using the peak value at the node has been our approach, historically. If it isn't possible to get a nodal value in Femap, is there a different approach for getting the peak value directly at an edge?


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Re: Grid point strains

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It's hard to say what the best method is, but here is one way for interactively interrogating the results. Using postprocessing toolbox, turn on contour with the strain output vector you are interested in. Then in "Type" select nodal in the dropdown so Femap displays nodal data. Then make sure you have "Entity Info " pane visible, now use the selector tool set to "node" and you will see node info including output vector. You can also turn on tooltips for the selector tool and when you hover on a node, you will see the info .strain.PNG

Re: Grid point strains


Seems like this is what I was looking for. Thanks!