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Group updating after new and deleted elements


I have a large model which does require constant updating and remeshing.  When I delete entities (geometric or fem), the entity numbers are still referenced by specific groups.  This creates havoc among my groups when I create new entities with those same ID's.  


My groups now reference many of these new entities, and I spend quite a bit of time cleaning them up.  Is there a way to delete an entity numeric reference from groups when that entity is deleted?  I waste quite a bit of time on this.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you!


Re: Group updating after new and deleted elements

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Dear Pavankmd,

You have command "GROUP > OPERATIONS > EVALUATE":


When you invoke this command, FEMAP brings up a dialog box which allows you to select any number of groups by highlighting them using windows standard methods for multi-selection (holding CTRL down for selecting multiple entities one at a time or hold SHIFT to select a Range of enti­ties). Once the desired groups are highlighted, click OK and no more user input is required. Your groups will now contain all entities which satisfy the rules of the group.

You should use this command any time that you create or modify entities that should be selected in the current group. This command will use the group clipping planes, layer options, and rules to find the entities that are included.

Also, I invite you to take a look to working with LAYERS, for me is the more efficient way during model creation. If you create large models you will love LAYERS, the Hide Selected/Show Selected feature allows you to manage the model very fast. Also geometry modifications will remains in the active layer only. I include mesh & geometry together by layer.


In general I use GROUPS for postprocessing, once upon the model is created you can create groups based by PROPERTIES, BY LAYER, etc..


Best regards,


Blas Molero Hidalgo, Ingeniero Industrial, Director
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