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Groups in FEMAP

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Valued Contributor

Hi folks,

I have gone through FEMAP supplied user example & also commands module and I still have a few questions about Groups & managing the same in FEMAP.


Before I continue, let me make it clear that different FEM packages have their own pro & cons. When migrating to a new software, we tend to find similarities to the ones we are used to & find ways of using those similarities to start adapting to the newer ones. I come from working with PATRAN. I have found that in PATRAN working with groups is quite intuitive & easy. Going through FEMAP commands manual, it appears like Groups functionality can be very powerful in FEMAP (especially creating rule based) while working with complex models.


Let me start off my question with managing groups. I would want to know what all entities are present in a group and managing them as in ability to move/copy entities from one group to another. I was able to find a feature where I could move entities from one layer to another...yet to find a similar feature for Groups.


For example in Patran, I can easily find out the contents of a group, move them from one group to another. I am posting a series of images to get a better idea.


1a.png 1b.png


1c.png  1d.png




I would appreciate some pointers about Groups in FEMAP.


Thanks in advance,


Re: Groups in FEMAP




Use the "Entity Editor", that should help (button circle in red)

Then in that window you can click for example in "Elements", the selection button will appear (circled in blue), allowing you to see / edit the selection.

Note that like in any selection window, you can add entire groups with the "Group" box (circled in green). So if you simply type for example "1" and press enter, elements form groups 1 will be added to this element selection form group 2.


Also be sure to checkout the Group Menu, with boolean operations, automatic creation, adding related entities... etc.

And finally try right clicking in groups in the model tree: from there you can add related entities, combine several groups to create a new group, list group contents...etc.





Re: Groups in FEMAP

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor
Dear astrium_tls, thanks so much for the reply. I guess that gives me a way to manage group entities in FEMAP.