HELP NEEDED- Applying a known load and getting real stress quantities

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I wonder if anyone can help. I am analyzing a steel eye-bar and need to apply a 4.5MN load. The problem is I do not know what FEMAP is working it pounds or newtons? How can I change it? Also the results I get just show positive stress were I should be expecting tensile and compression. I need to apply a real load and get actual stress results. This is part of my final engineering project as a university student-part time...I work full-time.

Please if anyone can help, that will be great.


Re: HELP NEEDED- Applying a known load and getting real stress quantities

Dear Peter-Jon,
FEMAP is UNITLESS, is up to you who may assure that system units used is consistent. Not very complex, this is working all the time the same way, then you are the responsible of units coherence between length, loadings & results, OK?.
First at all you need to set the FEMAP PREFERENCES (see, this is very important, critical for correct use of FEMAP, under FILE > PREFERENCES > GEOMETRY/MODEL is where you define the UNITS that FEMAP will use when you IMPORT any geometry, this is the only moment that you use the word UNITS in FEMAP. I suggest to follow the steps of the website to configure FEMAP correctly:

Regarding the units of STRESS, please remember that vonMises is always positive, then if you look for sign with stress then you need to plot basic SIGMAX, SIGMAY, SIGMAZ. Better use Principal stress P1, P2 & P3.
Best regards,