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Hex mesh Angled tube joints of diferent diameters


Hello everyone,

I asked a similar question on this forum sometime ago:


Then, i wanted to mesh T tube joints of same diameter, thanks to Blas and Gianpietro I got an answer. Now i need to do something similar:

1- Hex Mesh T tube joints of different diameters.

2- Hex Mesh Angled tube joints of diferent diameters.


The porpuse is to mesh internal volume of tubes for CFD in Femap.


An image example of cases 1 and 2 are as follow:

 Case 1.pngCase 1Case 2.pngCase 2Example.jpgExample

The example image shows a surface mesh os tube joints, if a surface mesh like that is possible maybe it can be used as base for hex?


I tried several approaches to this but i have not been sucessfull, maybe someone can propose a generic approach to this situation.


Thanks in advance.


Igor Carvalho


Re: Hex mesh Angled tube joints of diferent diameters


Your smaller dia would be split similarly to what you have done before, with a suggestion for the larger one as shown.

Capture.JPGSplits for Hex Mesh

Mesh would appear as below (which can be improved with different choices of sizing/approach):


This is fairly time consuming for many joints - does the CFD package not work with tet10s or tet4s?



Re: Hex mesh Angled tube joints of diferent diameters


Hello @EndZ,

Thanks for your sugestion, i think that could do it too, last night i managed to find a split that worked too, see images bellow:


cuts.pngGeometry slicesmesh.pngMesh

The CFD works too with tet mesh, but tet mesh makes bad elements, usually with high internal angles > 75° and high aspect ratio, so bassically, it generates more elements, with bad quality, which consumes even more computing time, to generate bad results.

From my experience, it is good to spend as much time as needed to generate a good, hex mesh, whenever possible of course, for CFD at least.


Thanks for your answer.



Igor Carvalho