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How do i open an NX simulation in FEmap???

I have completed extensive simulation work in NX Nastran 7.5 on a component. I want to complete further analysis using FEmap to save time...... i.e. carry out tasks in parallel, but I cannot find a way to open my .sim file (created in NX Nastran 7.5) which has the constraints/lumped masses etc already applied.

The two pieces of software are made by the same company and both contain a meshing, simulation, pre and post processing software...........SURELY I can open a simulation file in one which has been created by the other??????

Any help is greatly appreciated



Re: How do i open an NX simulation in FEmap???

Dear Tom,
First let's clarify terms: NX NASTRAN is the FE solver, not a pre/postprocessor, is the same solver used internally by both "NX Advanced Simulation V7.5" & FEMAP V10.3 pre/postprocessors of SIEMENS PLM, please do not confuse. Now lt's answer your question: to import in FEMAP a FE model created with NX AdvSim is very easy, please not both use the same solver that is NX NASTRAN as stated before. You simply take a look to the directory where your *.SIM falie is created and you will see that nastran file input "*.dat" created by NX AdvSim. Simply import this file in FEMAP using FILE > IMPORT > ANALYSIS MODEL > NX NASTRAN and you are done!!.

Please note this is the FE model exclusively (nodes, elements, loads & BCs, etc..), additionaly you can import the geometry using FILE > IMPORT > GEOMTRY ...

Best regards,