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How to automatically find the poor quality elements?


I am checking the mesh quality making Femap show the element contour and selecting the Alt Taper parameter (contour model data --> show model data contour --> element quality --> alt taper).


Looking at the coloured bar on the right I can see I have elements with values higher than 0,5 (much higher, like 0,951). 

The problem is that my model is quite large and has thousands of elements, shell and solid both.

How can I make Femap highliting the poor quality elements automatically?


Moreover, once I find these poor quality elements, how can I improve them if they are solid elements?

For the shell elements I can use the editing --> split command to make nicer shapes, but that seems not working for solid elements.


Last question, since I have many holes in my assembly it might be that I have to keep some poor quality elements. How much this will affect the analysis?


Thank you in advance


Re: How to automatically find the poor quality elements?


Hi Olgola,


Go to Tools / Check / Check Element Quality and select the shape you want to check (Aspect Ratio, Taper...) and then check the "Make groupe with distorted Elements" to have all poor elements in a group. You can also click on the "Show" button to highlight those elements:




For the elements around holes you can first delete all holes with non-structural impact, you can take that as an assumption to simplify your FEM. If the holes are like cutouts or a "big" sized ones then you can have a mapped mesh around them using the washer and pad commands. and by using the Apporach on Surface under Mesh / Mesh control.

Blas have made a very good tutorial explaining how to get a nice mesh around holes on his youtube channel. do not hesitate to watch his videos.  



Seifeddine Naffoussi