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How to extract intermediate time step results




Please see the attached image. Is it possible to extract results for 0.75th or 0.80th time step in post-processing after the analysis? If not, then what changes are required in the analysis settings to generate results for these and a few other intermediate steps?





Re: How to extract intermediate time step results

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Femap cannot create/recover any results except what Nastran actually writes out to the op2 file. The place to control output is on nonlinear options form in analysis set manager. When you see results at unexpected intermediate steps, then usually it is a sign that difficulties were encountered to converge and bisection occurred. You should check the f06 file and check the iteration summary for messages about convergence. Then it may help to use more increments so the load steps are smaller to avoid bisections. The other way to force results at a specific load level is to actually create a subcase with 80% load since you will always get output at the end of a subcase.