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How to make Load Entites visible?


Hi folks,

What seem like a trivial issue is presenting as an annoyance to me. I created a pressure load case and during the application process, I selected the Face ID incorrectly (i.e. direction of pressure was reversed). So, I corrected the Face ID and pressed Ctrl+G to clean up the display.


Now, I can't get the pressure load to display graphically to ensure that it has been applied correctly. I tried all the options that I am aware...


  1. The load case was activated
  2. In View Visibility Window, all loads are checked in "Draw Entity" tab. Similarly, in "Load/Constraint" tab, Load Set -> View Active Load Set radio button is highlighted.

The only reason I can think of is due to load sets going in to some layer/group. Are loads & constraints sets independent of layer/group in FEMAP? As far as I know, loads/constraints sets in Patran do not get assigned to any particular group.


I would like to get some insights on the above.





Re: How to make Load Entites visible?

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Click the "magic button" to reset all visibility options, this will make all entities in your FEMAP model visible. If you edit the load you will see the layer name there. Surely you have edited the geometry when the active layer was other different of the original one, then the mistake. But no problem, you always can use MODIFY > LAYER > LOAD or any other entity to move to the correct one, OK?.




Best regards,


Blas Molero Hidalgo, Ingeniero Industrial, Director
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Re: How to make Load Entites visible?


I cannot find that toolbar.  Which one is it?