How to model this type of Layup in Femap?


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If I have a layup as shown below, is it possible to model the same in Femap? I have given random orientations for illustration purposes. The image shows the cross-section of the structure/laminate with plies. 



Also, does Femap support importing of ply definitions/laminate definition from Catia V5 composite design models?




Re: How to model this type of Layup in Femap?

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You can certainly model this, three different layups in FEMAP, connected to three different laminate properties.  You can then mesh with shell elements.  Nastran does not really connect plies at the interface each element has a stiffness based on the layup and materials, and the model is solved based on these stiffnesses.  The resulting in-plane forces and moments are then run through classical lamination theory to obtain ply by ply data.


Regarding Laminate Modeler from Catia, no, FEMAP does not have a tool to import their data.  In the past, the team that developed laminate modeler when it was an independent product could interface to FEMAP.  I would pose this question to the Dassault side and see if they still have this functionality.



Re: How to model this type of Layup in Femap?


Hi Mark,

I logged in to say that I think I created the above structure using 3 different laminates making use of card PCOMPG.




Thanks for your reply. I know Femap supports fiber details from FiberSIM.


I think a feature request for Femap 12 (or beyond) would be ability to show layup cross-section at a plane of the structure how current CAD packages like Catia or Fibersim can. I understand that if there are hundred of plies, the display can become cluttered and such but still would be a useful feature for visual verification.