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How to translate associated entities or complete groups?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I have a surface that I meshed, simple planar surface, nothing exotic.  I would like to translate the surface and all its associated entities in one operation. So far I can't find a way to accomplish this. When I translate (move by) the surface the surface moves but the mesh does not travel with it. 


Ideally, l would like to take a group which has both geometry and fem entities and translate or rotate everything all in one shot. Is there a way I can accomplish this? 





Re: How to translate associated entities or complete groups?

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Solution Partner Phenom

Dear Stressman,

This is the "long term wishlist" that I send always year by year to FEMAP developers to implement in the FEMAP software, but not success yet. Move (translate) all entities (both geometry & mesh) is easy, the Predictive Engineering guys did a macro, by hand simply use MODIFY > MOVE BY > SOLID and repeat MODIFY > MOVE BY > ELEMENT and you are done because mesh & geometry remains associated, but we need a flag to add to any operation with geometry commands to tell FEMAP that if any mesh exist associated to that geometry to perform the same operation to the mesh as well, then either you MOVE/COPY/REFLECT/ROTATE, etc.. any geometry to include the mesh as well, not to have to repeat command for the mesh again....


Well, lets see if been more than one that request this feature we are heard, this is basic ...!!.

Best regards,


Blas Molero Hidalgo, Ingeniero Industrial, Director
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Re: How to translate associated entities or complete groups?


The following API should do what you want.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Option Explicit

Sub Main
   Dim App As femap.model
   Set App = feFemap()

   Dim fSetSurf As femap.Set
   Set fSetSurf=App.feSet

   Dim rc As zReturnCode

   rc=fSetSurf.Select(FT_SURFACE,True,"Select Surface(s) with Associated Mesh to Move Along Vector")
   If rc=FE_CANCEL Then Exit Sub

   Dim vecLength As Double
   Dim vecBase As Variant
   Dim vecDir As Variant

   rc=App.feVectorPick("Select Vector to Move Along",False,vecLength,vecBase,vecDir)
   If rc=FE_CANCEL Then Exit Sub


   Dim fSetNode As femap.Set
   Set fSetNode=App.feSet

   Do While fSetSurf.Next


End Sub

Re: How to translate associated entities or complete groups?

This is a very important function and it should be introduced in future releases of Femap. Working with huge models without being able to translate/rotate/mirror particular components (groups), and loosing connectivity between mesh and geometry, makes these basic actions complicated and time-consuming.