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Importing .unv and .ntl files into Femap


I am trying to do some work on a model previously exported from ProCast (casting analysis software).

Basically what I have is a .unv file containing all the nodes and all the elements, as well as initial temperatures at each node, and a .ntl file, containing temperatures at each node for different times during casting.


Initially the I-DEAS .unv import was failing, but I managed to successfully import all nodes and all elements after changing the universal file dataset formats inside it from #780 and #781, which are both listed as obsolete (see SDRL list) to #2411 and #2412.

Unfortunately, I still have not managed to also import the temperatures for each node, which are given in format #55. Can anyone advise about that?


Furthermore, I also haven't found a way to import the previous analysis results in the .ntl file. I would like to add the temperature information for different time steps to Femap and then look at the predicted thermal stresses caused by them. Can anyone advise about .ntl import?


Many thanks in advance!


Re: Importing .unv and .ntl files into Femap

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Can't say how difficult it would be for you to convert the data, but FEMAP reads temperature data from I-Deas Dataset 792. Only Type 1 (ambient) and Type 3 (nodal) with no time variantion are supported.

Re: Importing .unv and .ntl files into Femap


Many thanks, grudy! I took a look at this and Dataset 792 seems to be what I was looking for.

Might you have a suggestion for the .ntl data import?


I've been looking for possible ways of doing it, but it seems like this .ntl Patran Neutral format isn't really a standard thing... to be honest it seems to me like this casting analysis software exports to .ntl to pretty much prevent people from using the data with other companies' software packages.

I have now even installed the MSC Patran student version hoping it might allow me to work with .ntl, but that doesn't seem to be the case either.

Thanks again! Smiley Happy

Re: Importing .unv and .ntl files into Femap

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Sorry, but I'm not really familiar with the file you are referring to. FEMAP does read model definition data from "old" Patran Neutral Files and results from a separate Patran Neutral File format. Possibly you could post a small sample file (or better yet a definition of the format if you know that) and I might be able to suggest something.

Re: Importing .unv and .ntl files into Femap


Here is how the .ntl file looks like:


343843 0 0.000000 0 6

5511 1.471810E+03 1.458413E+03 1.334717E+03 1.275974E+03 1.213770E+03
5512 1.472153E+03 1.460416E+03 1.335340E+03 1.277822E+03 1.215960E+03
5514 1.472149E+03 1.464193E+03 1.334341E+03 1.274493E+03 1.211984E+03



In the second row, 343843 in the total number of nodes, 6 is the number of temperature values for each node. I am not entirely sure what the 0 0.000000 and further 0 correspond to, could only guess.


What we then have is an output in the format:


NodeNr. Temp1 Temp2 Tempt3 Temp4 Temp5



for each individual node.


I would like to somehow import all of these temperature values into FEMAP and apply them as basically temperature loads for each node...

Re: Importing .unv and .ntl files into Femap

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

This looks very much like the Patran Neutral Results files... although the filename extension (.ntl) is different. I would try the following... 

 Choose File->Import->Analysis Results

 Select Patran as the Format

 Answer "No" to "Ok to Read Displacement Results File?"

 Answer "No" to "Ok to Read Element Results File?"

 Answer "Yes" to Ok to Read Nodal Results File?"


You will have to switch the file selection dialog to "All Files" to find your .ntl file, but I think it might be able to read your file with no modifications. The Result Vectors will not be titled as temperatures... they should say something like "Patran Node Output 1-N", but I believe you will get your data. If that doesn't work, you could also try reading the file as the "Displacement Results File". 


Hope this will work for you.

Re: Importing .unv and .ntl files into Femap


Ah! It actually worked! Before I had looked into this, but thought it won't work since I have a .ntl and not a .nod file.

Many thanks again, grudy! Great stuff!