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Increase Number of processor used in SOL 106

Dear all,


I need to perform a NL analysis for a big model (1M nodes) with SOL 106 solver, but I see that only N.1 processors is used during calculation.

I've already set in Nastran Executive "number of processor" option but I see that not all resources are used.


SOL 106.PNGNumber of processor


I already try to change this parameter in SOL 101 and I see here the performance differences...

I read the various guides that I find in this forum and on line, but I not solve this problem.


Moreover, I see that ILP-64 option is not included in new Femap preference interface.



Please anyone help me? 


Best regards





Re: Increase Number of processor used in SOL 106

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Dear Stefano,

I don't have good news for you, in fact, scalability of SOL106 is not the best feature of the basic nonlinear module of NX NASTRAN, is well know between us, if you have a processor with 8 cores don't wait to have double performance compared to setting PARALLEL=4, make your test but not miracles here.

Regarding ILP-64, not option because now is by default.

Best regards,

Blas Molero Hidalgo, Ingeniero Industrial, Director
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Re: Increase Number of processor used in SOL 106


Hi there,


I'd take a look at this thread: SOL106 SMP and realize that SOL106 isn't a very good candidate for SMP (and also how the discussion came about, mythbuster style Smiley Happy). Here's the graph we made about a year ago to illustrate that fact:



This was NX Nastran 11, but 12 is no different: even though still functionnal, SOL106 isn't really being worked on (being Siemens or MSC) as there are much stronger non-linear  capabilities in the code now (SOL4xx and SOL6xx) which take advantage of SMP and DMP a lot better.