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Initial node translation




As I could not find the answer to my question I decided to ask for guidence here. I am a new user of Femap and a lot of things  are still undiscovered for me.


I have a construction - headframe modelled with bars. I know it "initial" shape (also material, geometry of elements etc.) and I also have a pointcloud of it after years of deformation. I can determine the translation of every node. Is there any way that I would set the nodes translation as boundary so that I get the tension appearing in elements? I  would like to set up the obtained tension as initial state of the construction and determine the progress of deformation due to some further ground tilt. I could call it a reverse engineerng: translation determines tension.


Thank you in advance for any help, also a link or direction to some tutorial if the topic is well known.



Re: Initial node translation

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

Apply enforced displacement as load.

Also for some solvers you have to constrain nodes in the same DOF`s where you apply enforced motion. It look like nonintuitive, but some solvers require that because enforced motion is a tricky load type, this is rather constraint applied in manner of load.

Note that enforced displacement in nonlinear cases usually give better convergence than force load. But in real life you cannot load any structure with enforced displacement, unless you are Arnold Schwarzenegger)Снимок.JPG


Re: Initial node translation


Thank you very much!