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Initially penetrating contactor nodes warning




Most of the times I get this warning in the Femap model while using SOL601. In the contact search settings I use a minimum search distance of -10 mm and maximum search distance of +10 mm. Will this actually help in mitigating the warning effects on the model convergence or lead to some other problems?





Re: Initially penetrating contactor nodes warning


When you get this message, you need to inspect the model carefully to understand why.  If the contact surfaces are curved, the message is usually indicating that the mesh refinement and relative mesh size on each side of the contact interface is sufficiently different that the facetting of the mesh means some nodes on one contact surface are "inside" the facetted mesh face of its opposite interface.  For Sol601, the default behaviour for this Initial Penetration (check your contact property) is to Eliminate the initial penetration (ie. push back the interference - which may mean you could get patchy interference stresses).  Otherwise you can set Initial Penetration to Ignore, which means if there is some accidental interference, then SOL601 will assume any initial interference is mathematically/geometrically reset to zero - without inducing strain.  Or you can Specify With Gap Distance - but be very, very careful with that - if you have a curved surface contacting a flat surface, then Specify with Gap Distance will mathematically over-ride the varying curvature gap with "flat" contact.