Intermediate output control

I'm trying to figure out how to control output in Femap using sol 106. There is a section in NLPARM page which obviously should be used to do this. But it works in some mysterious (for me at least) ways. The goal is to get femap/nastran to output every 0.1 load step while I have 80 time steps.
Is it possible?
There are 4 options in output control section - default, yes, no, all. What's the purpose of the first two? The box "output every nth step" is greyed out no matter what option you choose. Why is that? I believe it's behavior was different in old versions, something like 10.3 version.
Enlighten me please, dear colleagues!

Re: Intermediate output control

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

QRG file describe only 3 options, I think that option "Default" actually select one of these options.

Output every N step field is for SOL 129 NL Transient, this option is for solution real time, not for SOL106 pseudo time.