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Laminate Thermal Stress


Hi folks,


How do you make FEMAP assign a TREF to a PCOMP card?


I'm trying to run a simple thermal analysis (static solution) but having the following problem.  I have some laminate elements (nastran PCOMP cards).  The Reference Temperature on the material card (MAT8) is ignored by nastran when a PCOMP card is used.  It's looking for a Tref on the PCOMP card.  But how do you tell femap to ouput that?  If left blank nastran uses the default Tref of 0.0, which, since everything else has a starting temperature of 70.0, causes a problem.  I searched this forum, the web, the help files, and I can't find any mention of this problem.




-Mike Beda


Re: Laminate Thermal Stress

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You can change the reference temp of the laminates by editing the property. This will propogate field 7 (TREF) in the PCOMP card on the NASTRAN deck. 



Re: Laminate Thermal Stress

Thank you very much That's exactly what I needed.