Listing node values for deformation of model upwards


In the model I have attached below, I am able to list the location of the deformed nodes when they are downward; they correctly reflect the shape of the model in "Deformed View".


When I click on "Animated View", the model additionally swings to its maximum up and maximum down through its loading process as expected. How would I be able to obtain the nodes of the deformed shape when it is at its max deflection upwards? "Deformed view" only shows the downward deflection (and rightly so); "Animated View" shows the downward and upward deflection, and it is that upward max deflection node listing that I am after.


Any suggestions??




Re: Listing node values for deformation of model upwards


Hi LJost,


Animation mode is a view feature that you can play around by choosing different options like Animation Load / Unload. For example if you check Animation - Positive Only you will see that the deformation will be animated in one direction only (downward as you mentionned). This direction corresponds to the structure behavior you can expect from the load you applied to the model.



Seifeddine Naffoussi
SafeMecha Stress Engineering