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Hello everyone,


I have written the following API to creat load from output (Model->Load->from output...). Since it has to run after the fist analysis is done I created a separate Macro rather than having the codes in the same (main) macro. However, it seems that some of the object created in the first macro is not recognized by the second one. It is obviously my lack of programming skills but I hope I could get some help with the following:


1. Is there a way to paus the code untill an analysis is done? something that says "check if results are availible before continuing".

2. Do you have a better idea of how to create Load from output or would you do the same?

3. How to make objects created in another Macro accessible?


Thank you in advance!



Sub Main

    Dim App As femap.model
    Set App = feFemap()

    Dim Thermal As femap.LoadSet
    Set Thermal = App.feLoadSet
    Thermal.title = "Thermal analysis"

    Dim LoadDef_NodeTemp As femap.LoadDefinition
    Set LoadDef_NodeTemp = App.feLoadDefinition
    LoadDef_NodeTemp.title = "Temperature from output"
    LoadDef_NodeTemp.loadType = FLT_NTEMPERATURE
    LoadDef_NodeTemp.dataType =  FT_NTHERM_LOAD
    LoadDef_NodeTemp.setID = Thermal.ID
    LoadDef_NodeTemp.Put(LoadDef_NodeTemp.NextEmptyID )

    Dim nArray2 As Variant
    Dim vArray2 As Variant
    Dim fArray2 As Variant
    Dim NumbOfNodes As Long

    Dim NodeID As femap.Set
    Set NodeID = App.feSet
    NodeID.GetArray( NumbOfNodes, nArray2 )

    Dim NodeTempOut As femap.Output
    Set NodeTempOut = App.feOutput
    NodeTempOut.setID = 1 ' output set 1
    NodeTempOut.Get( 31 ) ' Temperature


    Dim LoadNodeTemp As femap.LoadNTemp
    Set LoadNodeTemp =App.feLoadNTemp


    'Thermal analysis

    Dim StatAnalys28 As femap.AnalysisMgr
    Set StatAnalys28 = App.feAnalysisMgr
    StatAnalys28.title="Thermal analysis"
    StatAnalys28.Solver=36 ' NX Nastran
    StatAnalys28.AnalysisType=1 'static


End Sub






Re: Load from output - Femap API

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

I am not sure why you are trying to run a static analysis after creating a load set with Nodal Temperatures. Perhaps you could share more of your goals?


Anyway, to wait for an Analysis to finish you will want to use


We have an example under Custom Tools, Event Callback, Startloop.bas. Essentially, this method lets you use a variety of FEMAP "triggers" to kick off a program. The Custom Tools example shows how to change the plate thickness property and wait for a solve each time.


Below I have an example that might be closer to what you're looking for. This will use the same script and simply wait to solve until the number of Results Sets = 3. With a little more logic, you can probably use this framework to modify your loads between solves.


Event Callback.gif


Sub Main
    Dim App As femap.model
    Set App = feFemap()

    Dim a As AnalysisMgr
    Set a = App.feAnalysisMgr
    a.Get( 1 )

    Dim oSet As femap.Set
    Set oSet = App.feSet
    oSet.AddAll( FT_OUT_CASE )

    If oSet.Count > 3 Then 'This will produce 3 Results Sets
        App.feAppEventCallback( FEVENT_RESULTSEND, "" ) 'Turn event callback off
        path = "C:\temp\Event_Callback_2.BAS" 'Path to this script
        App.feAppEventCallback( FEVENT_RESULTSEND, path )
    End If

End Sub



Re: Load from output - Femap API

This is exactly what I was looking for.Thank you!

About the nodal temperature. I have applied the temperature on some parts of my model where it is given. First analysis is a Steady-state heat transfer to obtain the nodal temperature on all nodes and then I create load from output to run a thermal analysis for thermal stresses (static analysis).