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Material Orientation

Having used femap 10.3.1 and now using 11.0.1 I am trying to assign an material direction to plate elements. Previously using 10.3.1 once i had assigned a direction i could swith on the element orientation in View options and see which elements i had updated as it showed me a little arrow in the centre of the plate element. I am now trying to do this same process in 11.0.1 and it lets me do the process and it looks like it is updating the elements but when i switch on the element orientation it does not show me this little arrow. Is there something I am missing or has anyone else had this problem? I just want to know for definate that the material direction is assigned before i run the model as it is a large model and takes a long time to run to find out afterwards that it is not actually correct.

Re: Material Orientation

Nevermind, I just didnt realise there was now an option to show material direction! oops!