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Mesh - Mesh Control - Mesh Points on Surface, is it working?


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Yes, it is working, however if you are talking about V12, then what the command does has totally changed because defining and using Mesh Points has been greatly improved. Mesh Points on Surface are no longer just random points that you then assign to a surface at which point you could not tell they were Mesh Points or just points in space. In addition, previously they could only be "on a surface"... not "on an edge" or "in a Solid". 


In reality now, the "Mesh Points On Surface" command is no longer really necessary. Mesh Points are defined and managed in the new "Mesh Point Editor" window. This window is normally opened using the Tools->Mesh Point Editor command, however for users who were used to using "Mesh->Mesh Control->Mesh Points on Surface" we allowed that command to also open the "Mesh Point Editor". 


The new Mesh Points are much more powerful and easy to manage than the old approach. You can find much more information in the "What's New" document and  in Section 7.2.8 of the Commands Manual. You can easily get to this from the Help->Dockable Panes->Mesh Point Editor command.