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Meshing and Grouping for Laminate Wing


Good afternoon,


Currently a new user of Femap with NX Nastran and slowly making my way through the entire process. I am currently trying to create a wing with laminate properties; the wing itself is one layup, with 2 layup patches on the top and bottom that will act as thermal loads; I want to be able to conduct Nonlinear Static Analysis based on this wing based on specific instruction.


I have imported and cleaned up my geometry as well as created the layups, materials, and properties required for this analysis. I understand how to apply load and constraints, however I am confused as far as the meshing process for laminates; the femap tutorials only cover solids unless I am mistaken. Can anyone explain how to tackle this laminate meshing so that I can contain onward to analysis?


To my knowledge, I would use [Mesh--> Mesh Control --> Attributes on surface] to select surfaces to pair with the existing laminate properties I have already created. After I use [Size on Surface] to set the default grid sizem how do I then "mesh" the entire model?


Thanks in advance!







Re: Meshing and Grouping for Laminate Wing

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Made a video demonstrating meshing with laminates -


(view in My Videos)


You mention assigning Mesh Attributes in advance, you can certainly do this, but you can also just pick the Property while meshing.  FEMAP assigns that property as an attribute in case you do any remeshing work downstream.  So you can do this either way.