Meshing curved parts with surface matching


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I am comparatively new to FEMAP. The task in hand is to mesh curved parts (as seen in the file below). The meshed parts will be imported in LS-Prepost for adding other cards. I am not able to mesh the three parts with a matched mesh on common surfaces. Have tried most of the solutions I could find on various forums. The best I could do was to slice the top edge and delete it to have a top face. With this I was able to generate matching mesh in just two parts. The core part still gives error-"top and bottom face not matching".

Some guidance here would help. The FEMAP file is attached.


Re: Meshing curved parts with surface matching

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In cases where you have surfaces of revolution that intersect their pole or axis of revolution, you may need to remove and reset surface mesh approaches.

In this case, I removed the match mesh approach on the matching surfaces, and applied a mapped three-corner approach to the same surfaces as shown below and meshed the three parts seperately as I applied the option for Multiple Tet through Thickness for the second part, then merged the nodes.






A Femap Neutral file is attached of the meshed parts.



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